Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation Vs Makeup forever HD Review 2018


Giorgio works well with sensitive skin. It leaves on you an even and natural tone. I’m also able to use it to cover my skin blemishes without a concealer. There is also the Makeup forever HD that has an amazing natural cover. I couldn’t stop admiring my photos with this makeup on. The Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation vs makeup forever HD review helps you compare and contrast these products to choose what is best for you.

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I’m a mother of one lovely daughter by the name Amanda. Full of health and energy, Amanda had only one problem; I realized she was born with sensitive skin that could react with many makeups we bought. I advised her to stop using makeup for a while but she wanted to look like her friends who put on makeup in college. We visited the beauty store again and makeup artist gave us these two options:

Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation and Makeup forever HD

Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation Review

This product suits in all weather and does not easily melt in a hot environment. Leaves your skin feeling smooth.

End product

This foundation has a light, medium coverage that glows. My daughter applied it with an Armani foundation brush and her face was once again radiant and well hydrated. She used this product in the heat of summer and also during winter. The product did not melt or get waxy. Her appearance was silky and perfect. It’s also light on the skin.

Stay power

I recommend this product if you are looking for a foundation with long-lasting power. My daughter went out hiking and came back in the evening with the product still intact on her skin. Giorgio Armani lasts on your skin up to 10 hours.

Skin type

Armani luminous silk suits well in normal to dry skins. Super oily skins don’t work well with this product.



  • Colors that blend well with skin tone
  • Lightweight while giving you full coverage
  • Needs no concealer
  • Lightweight
  • Lasts longer



  • Leaves dry patches on the skin
  • Pricey


Makeup forever HD Review

Makeup forever foundation brings you a complex set of products that includes a primer, eye shadows-pigmented, Aqua cream shadows that are waterproof.

End product

Gives you a medium to full coverage that you can build on easily. For the best results, apply it using a brush. This foundation covers skin blemishes such as redness and little skin imperfections with a single layer.

Skin type

If you have normal to oily skin type, Makeup forever achieves the best look on you. It leaves your skin feeling moist, smooth and elastic.

Stay power

Used with a good primer, this product stays longer on your skin.




  • Covers skin blemishes
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Long-lasting and natural
  • Looks beautiful on all skin types



  • Cakey

My verdict

I liked Giorgio Armani foundation because it can handle sensitive skin. Besides, it needs no concealer to cover your skin defects. It also feels light on your skin. Makeup forever is good if you want to go for a product that covers skin blemishes but it turns out to be cakey.


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